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"The products and recipes you have provided were exactly what we were looking for! I look forward to our continued relationship with Veg Advantage as I truly see it as our biggest asset for the vegan/vegetarian student population at Syracuse University. You have been a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for all your time."
—Deborah Griffo, Sadler Dining, Syracuse University
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Veg Advantage provides foodservice professionals with everything they need to incorporate healthy, delicious vegetarian options into the menu.

The cutting-edge vegetarian products featured here are wowing diners at universities, primary and secondary schools, restaurants, and corporate cafeterias—and generating bottom-line results. Learn more about the products, access recipes developed by chefs specifically for the foodservice industry, and find distribution in your area. Simply click on the links to the left to start reaching out to the growing number of people looking for tasty, eco-friendly vegetarian options!

Consider the following facts:

Providing a range of vegetarian options on the menu can help your restaurant escape the “veto factor”—where, for example, a family vetoes a restaurant because their vegetarian daughter doesn’t like the options there. An Aramark survey from 2006 found that 30 percent of college students want vegetarian options when dining out.

More and more nonvegetarians are adding meat-free foods to their dietary repertoire. From finicky teenagers to dieters looking for low-fat options to guests with dairy allergies to those seeking easy kosher choices, vegetarian meals are perfect for customers of all culinary persuasions.

A recent poll indicated that 60 percent of today’s restaurantgoers want vegetarian options to be available when they dine out.